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The X-Docks Advantage

The X-Docks eXpandable Floating Dock System is one of the strongest and most stable systems on the market.  It is comprised of large plastic floating sections connected by heavy duty rubber connectors that provide the perfect balance between Flexibility and Rigidity.


  • EXPANDABLE – Start small and add on later…it’s easy!
  • MODULAR – Easily reconfigured. Change your mind, change your boat, change your dock requirements… no problem!  The modular design makes it easy to change your dock layout.
  • MOVABLE – Take your dock and/or Port with you when you move.
  • STABLE – A series of hollow cavities on the bottom of the dock sections serve to “suction”  the dock to the water.  This combined with the coupling system and firm walk surface provide the user an enhanced feeling of stability when walking on the dock.
  • ADAPTABLEX-Docks can be used in many different applications and environments to include:

Residential or Condo Docks
Small to medium size marinas
Parks and Public recreational docks
Restaurants / Hotels / Resorts
Rowing docks
Special events

  • EASY ON YOUR FEET – The beige polyethylene plastic is cooler than other docks and there is no worry of splinters or nails.
  • STRONG & RESILIENT – The compounded LLDPE plastic used is more than 20% stronger than the plastic used by others and is highly resistant to impact damage.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Spend your time on the water instead of maintaining your dock.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY – Meticulously molded with high quality materials and put through a rigorous quality inspection.  Each dock section is tested to insure there are no leaks.
  • HIGH VALUE – When you add up the advantages the value of X-Docks is clear.
X-Docks February 4, 2015


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