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X-Docks Connecting

X-Docks Connecting

X-Docks sections are connected together with special, highly engineered rubber connections that provide the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity.  Striking that balance results in an amazingly stable dock system that still flexes under stress.  The standard couplers are held in place by an injection molded composite bolt & nut that are strong, flexible and will never rust!  Additional coupler variations and Half Coupler Hardware connectors are available for attaching accessories to the dock.


Coupler Set
Part # X-H00100
Standard set includes
Top & Bottom Rubber Couplers
w/composite bolt & nut


SS Coupler Set
Part # X-H00101
Includes Top & Bottom Rubber
Couplers w/Stainless Steel
bolt & nut


Coupler Set
w/embedded SS Bolts
Part # X-H00102
Includes Top & Bottom Rubber Couplers w/ composite bolt & nut plus 2 embedded SS bolts


SS Coupler Set
w/embedded SS Bolts
Part # X-H00103
Includes Top & Bottom Rubber Couplers w/ Stainless Steel bolt & nut plus 2 embedded bolts


Installation Tool, SS
Part # X-T00010
Tool for in-water installation 
of couplers


Coupler Nut Adapter Tool
Part # X-T00005
Composite adapter tool for
installing Security Coupler nuts


Half Coupler Short Hardware Connector Set
Part # X-H00050
1 1/4” M14 bolt


Half Coupler Long Hardware Connector Set
Part # X-H00051
3 7/8” M14 bolt


Composite Coupler Bolt Set
Part # X-800105


Half Coupler Female Hardware Connector Set
Part # X-H00053
M14 nut


Half Coupler Medium Hardware Connector Set
Part # X-H00052
2” M14 bolt

X-Docks Connecting February 3, 2015


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